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House Removal Testimonial

House Removal Testimonial From Emily West

Dear Damian/ Charlie

I wanted to write and say how impressed I was with the team that moved me from Norwich to Bristol last week.
I tried and failed to find a feedback option on the website, but reckoned that it I wrote an email, you would then have the option to put what I have written on the site if you wished!
As a surgeon (and a somewhat perfectionist plastic at that!), I am used to the fact that a normal everyday activity for me (operating on someone) is, for them, a major life event. In many ways your work is similar. As such, I have particularly appreciated all the touches/ processes/ approaches that turn a routine day/ procedure for you, and a major life event for me, into one that is executed in the best possible way, emphasising your professionalism and minimising my stress!
I have moved house 4 times in the last 6 years, requiring a removals van a team and this was by a country mile the most professional in every way. From my first contact with yourselves, I was impressed with your approach and efficiency, including your phoning on the eve of my move to check all was ready.
On arrival, the house removal team were charming and supremely efficient, going through each room and marking items to stay. Having wrapped every item of furniture individually to protect it (particularly important as I have a penchant for polished wood!), and each (of my many many pictures) in individual boxes) it was all removed with no damage to the walls at all. The sofa and chair covers were particularly cool! The front doors of both properties were removed and replaced with ease and no hassle at all.
On arrival at my house in Bristol, I was further impressed when Charlie went through each room with me and marked where the furniture was to go. All furniture was then brought in, reassembled for me, the boxes all correctly placed and we checked each room. The only marks on my newly painted walls were slight pressure marks from my ridiculously large chair- I was amazed that it got in and they have easily been touched up. I am astounded at the state (pristine) my property is in having moved all that up a very tight staircase!
Previous experiences (with other firms) have included chips being taken out of the walls in both properties, multiple scratches to all staircase walls, new scratches to polished wood tops galore, even corners of furniture being damaged. I have usually been left to reassemble my own furniture. I am also used to having to be asked all the time where stuff is to go, which was not needed due to the organisation at the start of both the move out and move in.
I find moving house very stressful as a rule (who doesn’t!), but the professionalism and efficiency of your team, combined with their charm, helpfulness and the care that was clearly being taken with my possessions made the whole 2 day process far less tricky than I had anticipated.
To add to all this, you were more reasonable price wise that the other 2 quotes I had received!
My parents have moved house 4 times and helped each of their 4 children move several times and they too shared my thoughts. I can quite see why all your work comes through personal recommendation and people reusing you.
If I have to move house again, I shall definitely be using your company, and I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

With heartfelt thanks,

Emily West
Microvascular Fellow,
Department of Plastic Surgery,
Southmead Hospital,

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